Uhlmann Umbrellas 
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  • Powder coated aluminum frame resists peeling, chipping, rusting & oxidation.  Maintenance free, easy to clean &  permanently appealing.
  • High grade frame passes extensive load and rigidity test by Quality & Safety Control Institute.
  • Flexible and strong mast complement arms that are reinforced for increased rigidity.  Reinforced arms add strength and stability to frame.
  • All  joints are manufactured from highest quality stainless steel.
  • Supporting arms are welded to main flange. Bottom supporting disk is welded to main pole.
  • All reinforcing arms are individually replaceable for easy serviceability.
  • Adjustable main arms assure taught canopies, easy installation and removal of canopies from frame.
  • White powder coating (RAL 9016) is standard. Optional RAL colors include black, bronze, gray and silver.
  • Optional wood and marble finishes are available.


  • Uhlmann telescopic umbrella design with crank lever operation is exceptionally strong, durable and stable in the wind.
  • Telescopic system is designed with a special spindle lift.
  • The telescopic part moves on a nylon high density plastic bearing guided to prevent rotation or twisting.
  • A maintenance free gearbox is built into the mast.
  • All umbrellas (including largest) fold up above table levels.
  • All umbrellas (including largest) are easily and safely operated.
  • All umbrellas can be pre-wired for up to 4 light fixtures and 4 infrared heaters. All  wiring is installed inside the mast.
  • View and download the complete drawing.


  • Gears are specially treated to withstand maximum torque.
  • Gear box is built into mast, maintenance fee with lifetime lubrication.
  • The drive crank handle locks the spindles automatically in every open/close position to prevent accidental opening or closing of the umbrella.
  • The cranking handle is removable for aesthetic and safety reasons.


  • Available with or without valances, two types of materials, 50 standard and 50 plus specialty colors.
  • Dickson™ (or Sunbrella) material is a strong awning and marine grade material, 100% solution dyed Sunacrylic fabric
    290 g/m² weight, 90% UV filter, Cleangard treated
    22 standard and 50 plus specialty colors
  • Airtex™ is Acrylic/Teflon on top side, a lighter weight material,
    195 g/m² weight, 80% UV filter,
    temperature resistance -4°F to 158°F
    28 standard colors
  • Both materials stand up exceptionally against harsh weather conditions for many years. The fabrics will not stretch or shrink, have excellent resistance to wind tear-outs, repel dirt and resist fading. Canopies will not absorb moisture, but will "breath", providing extra cooling effect. Our special sewing technique makes it possible to create waterproof canopies.

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas can be installed either PERMANENTLY or they are RE-LOCATABLE for easy and safe operation. In both cases the safety and stability of the installation is the primary objective.


When the installation is permanent we use our two hot-tip galvanized pole and base plate that incorporates a special clamp and a counter screw that provides absolute vertical stability. The base part of the assembly is even with the floor plates and securely embedded into concrete. The pole plate is screwed to the base. The base stand is fully galvanized and powder coated to match any requirement, or to match the color of the umbrella. We specify the required foundation size, based on size of umbrella.

Upper Sleeve            In Ground Sleeve        Base Plate with Hinge
                               for Electrical              & Upper Sleeve

Concrete Foundation for 
Type T, TL and TLx Giant Umbrellas

The dimensions of the foundation may not be smaller than the dimensions specified.

The location of the assembly must be selected in such a way that allows 8 inch minimum distance between the edge of the open umbrella and the building, or any other obstacle.

When several umbrellas are installed in close proximity, the base assembly should be located in such a way, that a distance of 8 inches will remain between the umbrellas.


The safety of persons and property is our primarily concern with portable installation also. We strongly recommend not to exceed the maximum recommended sizes for portable installation and to adhere to the recommended counter weight requirements.

The maximum size umbrellas recommended for portable installation are for
             round umbrellas up to 16' 5" diameter,
             square umbrellas up to 16' 5" x 16' 5" and
             rectangular umbrellas up to 21' 4" x 13' 1" sizes. 

Strong Wind umbrellas of any size are NOT recommended for portable installation.

Portable Base for Type T       Portable Base for Type TL/TLx       Adjustable Foot               Optional Castor Wheels

Fully galvanized welded steel base frame with adjustable plate assembly on all four corners to eliminate the
possible un-evenness of the ground.

  • When maximum portability is required (for smaller umbrellas), the base frame can be installed on castor rollers with breaks.
  • The base frame is designed to hold standard size concrete slabs (16" and 20") that firmly counter-balance the structure.
  • We recommend the required weight to secure the stability of the umbrella in our portable base.